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Dempsey Food is split geographically into Food US and Food Canada. While many of our suppliers are represented across North America, some suppliers are exclusive to either side. If there is a product you need but we do not manage in your country, we will get you connected to the right person. Do not hesitate to reach out!

Dempsey Food is a division of Dempsey Corporation. 

Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Dempsey Corporation was established in 1954 by Frank Dempsey. Originally incorporated as an industrial distribution company, we've expanded into food, industrial, cosmetics, and beauty. Our reach now also includes the U.S. and Europe.

Discover Dempsey Food

We supply the food industry with quality, functional ingredients from world class suppliers and we do so much more...

Product Development & Technical Help

We only hire technical sales people because we think it's important our sales team speaks the same language as product developers. We're here to shorten your development time and make your life easier.

To get product information, quotes, or lead times, contact sales:


Belinda Elysee-Collen


William A. Becht


Inventory & Logistics

Our supply chain team works tirelessly to manage warehouse stock levels, lead times, and shelf life. Our customer service team manages order entry and shipping logistics. These teams strive to shorten lead times.

To submit an order, contact customer service:

Regulatory & Food Safety

Our regulatory teams manage everything from new supplier onboarding, to ingredient documentation, to ISO certifications. We have strict product approval processes. Our teams verify any products we offer are approved for sale in Canada. 

ISO certified, our facilities are regularly inspected and audited by relevant government bodies to ensure our products are safely stored and shipped.

To request documentation, contact our regulatory group:


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phone: +1 (647) 326-2666

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