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Personal Pizza


Baking Enzymes

Whether you're working on cakes, breads, pizza dough, or even tortillas, dsm-firmenich has enzymes that can help cost reduce, improve processing efficiency, and reduce acrylamides. Enzymes can make your product more clean label by replacing emulsifiers, reducing agents, and hydrocolloids.

Mini Burgers


Savory Ingredients

Dsm-firmenich savory ingredients provide flavor enhancement, umami, and vegan meaty impact. These yeast extracts and natural flavors are used in anything from topical seasonings, to soups, to plant-based meats, and dairy.
These ingredients are natural, Non-GMO, and derived the same yeast used to make bread, beer, and wine. Many are Non-GMO project verified.



Based in the USA and experts in chicken, IDF offers chicken powders, fats, and broths - including bone broth! Start with high quality ingredients and you're bound to have a high quality finished product

Granola Yogurt
Sensus Logo.jpg


Sensus offers powdered and syrup options of inulin, an soluble fiber. Frutafit Inulin is a powder and Frutalose is a syrup. Both formats come in a variety of fiber content, sweetness, and solubility levels. Inulin is used for sugar replacement, boosting soluble dietary fiber, and for prebiotic effects.


Summit Hill Food

Owner of the brands Louisiana Hot Sauce, Southeastern Mills, Shore Lunch, and Better Than Bouillon, Summit Hill Foods are the experts in culinary bases, sauce bases, and bakery mixes. Need vegetarian? No problem.


Grain Millers

Grain Millers offers grain fibers, bran, flakes and ancient grains including oat, wheat, barley, tritcale, rye, and corn with derivatives available in fibers, brans, sweeteners, binders, and flax.



SunOpta™ released OatGold™, an upcycled powdered oat protein derived from oat milk processing. OatGold™ is high in protein and a good source of fiber. 



RayZyn® products are a premium superfood snack made from dehydrated wine grapes. These little bursts provide antioxidants and fiber due to the inclusion of the wine grape seeds. Available in CabernayZyn®, MerlayZyn®, and ChardonayZyn®. Select varietals offered in chocolate covered, sea salt caramel covered, yogurt covered, or dark chocolate covered.

Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 8.54.20 PM.png

J. Rettenmaier

J. Rettenmaier offers fibers, celluloses, and methyl cellulose. Fiber can enhance crunchiness and reduce breakage in fragile baked goods or extruded snacks. They can also extend shelf life and manage water to retain moistness for shelf life in baked products. Fibers bind moisture and provide juiciness in meat and plant-based applications. Methylcellulose provides binding and texture especially for plant-based applications.

Orange Healthy Juice

dsm-firmenich Nutritional

This nutritional line boasts Omega-3’s DHA & EPA, Vitamins, Carotenoids, and Tocopherols for added nutrition, color supplementation and antioxidants. Carotenoids colors span from light yellow hues through vibrant reds & pinks.  dsm-firmenich nutritional products are great for use in sauces, dressings, and spreads as well as plant-based meat analogs and beverages. You can make health claims on the label with these products too. Work with our team to find the products and usage levels that will best suit your needs.


Fresh Baked Scones

Herbstreith and Fox

The specialist for pectin sourced from apples and citrus fruits. Applications range from jams, bakery goods, confections, dairy products & alternatives, and beverages.
Work with our team to find the pectin that best fits your application, goals, and processing parameters.



Daesang offers all things Korean. With authentic Korean ingredients making a splash in dishes across North America, Dempsey is proud to offer the real deal gochujang (fermented red pepper paste), gochugaru (red pepper powder that forms of the base of gochujang), and kimchi (fermented vegetables).

Raw Steak


Kemin offers antioxidants to delay rancidity, preserve flavor, and color of applications. Depending on the application, Kemin has multiple options like rosemary, blends with acerola, green-tea, and spearmint. For antimicrobials, Kemin offers vinegar-based natural options  among others.

Image by Mateusz Derks


Bunge offers specialty corn products and ancient grains including grits, meal, flour, whole grain corn, millet, sorghum, and quinoa.



Mane Flavors offers a range of flavors from sweet to beverage to savory. Flavors are very application specific. Contact us to talk about your project and we'll get the right samples in your hands.

pulled_ pork_slaw_71567_mgp_site_crop.jpeg

MGP Ingredients

If plant-based, lessitarian, or meat extension is your aim, MGP is what you're looking for. MGP creates ground breaking texturized proteins that mimic the texture and color of meat. These ingredients are wheat-based and pea-based and available in multiple shapes and colors.


La Presserie

Small-batch cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices crafted from high-quality produce. Flash-frozen means nutrition quality is kept in tact and never allowed to degrade. Cold-pressed means Superior Quality.

White Sorghum Plant.PNG

Nu Life Market

Nu Life™ Market grows, harvests, produces, and mills a variety of gluten-free sorghum grains into flours, brans, grains, and popped sorghum. All products are gluten, peanut, soy-free, and Non-GMO. Organic and conventional options are available. Nu Life™ Market offers functional ingredients for use in meals, baked goods, snacks, spreads, plant-based milks and plant-based meats. UltraLIFT™ is a pre-gelatinized sorghum flour that provides viscosity and volume in gluten-free baking applications. NutraEZ™ products are pre-cooked whole grains and pulses which utilize patented technology to improve flavor and increase functionality. NutraEZ™ products can reduce or eliminate the need for gums in a formula.


dsm-firmenich TVP

Dsm-firmenich Texturized Vegetable Proteins are allergen-free.  The TVPs mimic the texture of traditional meat products making them a great option for any plant-based applications. Non-GMO, sustainable, vegan, and gluten-free; these texturized vegetable proteins are label-friendly. CanolaPRO, a functional powdered protein isolate, rounds out this line. With a PDCAAS of 1.0, this protein made from Canola can further increase the protein commonly lacking in plant-based foods and improve the texture in applications. 



With Herbarom®, you can provide a dark brown color to your application naturally with apple extracts. Using products from the Herbacel® line, you can replace emulsifiers/stabilizers and thickeners with a simple label declaration of "citrus fiber."

Pumpkin Soup and Garnish

Diana Food

Fruits, vegetables, and blends in powders, flakes, pieces, crunchies, and concentrates. Diana products are the perfect option for bakery, sauces, soups, or spreads. Organic options available.


IFC Solutions

For natural, FD&C, organic, or custom food colorants, IFC Solutions has us covered. IFC offers specialty lecithins like sunflower lecithin as well as organic options. IFC also offers anti-stick agents to make processing easier.



Setexam offers a variety of agar products suitable for desserts, pastries, confections, and sauces. The agar specialists can suggest which product will fit your needs. 



Fibersol™ is a premier line of soluble dietary fiber. A well-tolerated, prebiotic option for use in beverages, bakery, snacks, desserts, and dairy applications.


First Choice Ingredients

When applications are lacking the rounding effect of parmesan cheese or needing a sweet creamy vanilla note, we turn to First Choice Ingredients. FCI provides a vast array of functional dairy flavors that cater to dairy applications and vegan applications. Their main flavor categories are cheese, butter, sweet dairy, cream, and milk but they also have technologies in masking and mouthfeel. Don't forget to ask about their organic's line!

Smoked Salmon Bagel Sandwich


Innodal develops and produces antimicrobials to inhibit microbiological pathogens. Their product, Inneo, is the first anti-listeria product recognized by Health Canada as a processing aid (does not require labeling).

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